A dream many people have is starting their own business. As soon as those people have achieved that goal, the next dream will be: expanding. I often come across both of these dreams, they are not uncommon. But more important, no matter what anybody says, they are not impossible to achieve. It is very easy to start your own company, theoretically. The hard part is the practical side of business. How are you going to get customers? What are you going to offer them? How are you going to keep those customers satisfied? This is where a (PHP/MySQL) system comes in.

If you use a good system, without any leaks, without any flaws, your customers are not only going to be pleased, they are going to stay with you. If you can provide a good and solid basis for their goals, it not only becomes possible to create your enterprise, it even becomes easy to expand it.

Building complete systems

Have you always dreamt about starting your own business? Have you always wanted to go solo, be your own boss? Well, I know that feeling and I am here to tell you: it is possible. Practically the only thing you need to start your business is a good system. The system is the basis of your practice. If your system never fails, customers will be pleased and are likely to come back for more of your services. If your system fails, customers won’t be pleased and are tended to leave.

My systems are built on PHP and MySQL. I combine both of these programming languages to give you the maximum result. PHP is constantly updating and developing and I go along with those updates as soon as I know they are 100% safe to use. That way, when I build a system it is secured with the newest (approved) functions of PHP. My job is not only to create those systems and secure them, I also provide support, maintenance and webhosting.

Improve security

Every now and then I check other systems, that were not built by my, for my clients. The main question is mostly: “Is my system (still) secure?”. In a lot of cases I have to say: “No, it is not secure (anymore)”. What people tend to forget is that everything is evolving, is developing. Especially the computer-world. So if you don’t keep your system up to date it will get vulnerable. When I check out another system I test it for leaks. If I find leaks, I’ll report them to my client and he or she decides what we are going to do. I will give advice and I will provide the opportunity to seal the leaks.

Website optimization

Most websites have a database. In this (MySQL) database can be a lot of files or almost nothing at all. It all depends on the size and construction of the website. One of my specialties is optimizing databases, cleaning them, checking them, making sure they function to their full potential. Another thing I do for websites is checking the code. When I check the code I can also edit it in a way that makes the website run more efficiently. Sometimes I find things in the code that I can edit to make the website more secure.

Back End Developer

PHP & MySQL Programmer

Period: March 2008 - Present day
Job type: Part-Time

Since 2008 (till now) I contributed to other projects and I have worked as a freelancer. In addition to that I built a CMS (content management system) for my colleagues at a Microsoft project. I have been working with OOP PHP (Object-Oriented PHP) for the last three years and I am working on my own (PHP/MySQL) framework for larger projects.

Teleperformance / Microsoft

Technical Support

Period: July 2015 - Present day
Job type: Full-Time

Since 2015 (till now) I work for Microsoft, as one of their technical support agents. You could see me as a last resort. Most of the time I only come into play when the other support departments can’t figure a user-problem out. I specialize in Office, Office for Mac, Windows and Windows OS (phone). I have also written lots of documentation which are now used by my colleagues.

Leeuwenborgh, Sittard

IT Niveau 3

2007 - 2008

Graaf Huyn, Geleen

VMBO GT with Mathematics & Economics

2003 - 2007

Apes With Computers